Laundry Basics

If you do 1 hour of laundry a week from the time you’re 24 until, let’s say, 75, you’ll have spent approximately 2,652 hours of your life performing this seemingly mundane task. While I’m certainly an advocate of clean underwear and sports bras, I think we can all agree that it’s not the most glamorous way to spend your time.

Enter: Laundry Services

We don’t all live in metropolitan areas, but there are still ways to capitalize on laundry services to offset your wasted time.

  1. Cleanly- This is a gamechanging app. Schedule a pickup for your mentionable and unmentionables alike, and 24 hours later, your clothes will be returned, folded to you. No more lugging bags of dirty laundry on the subway or driving out to your mom’s house on Sunday afternoon to get the washing done.
  2. Do you live near a university/college? Capitalize on the broke college student, and have them do your washing. Disclaimer here, make sure they know how to wash your bras and can read labels titled, “dry clean only”. For 5 bucks a load, you can spend that extra hour doing something productive, like netflix.

Don’t have the extra cash to outsource your laundry? Let’s get down to business on

Laundry Prioritization

Must Wash: Underwear (no excuses), workout clothes. The best way to avoid having to wash every week? More underwear+Workout clothes

Every 2 weeks: Jeans you go commando in, work shirts, pajamas

Once a Month: Black jeans, jeans you wear underwear with, sweaters, bras*

*I make no claims about the medical viability of any of these recommendations. Wash at your own risk.


The Launch

SVGE was founded with mission. Instead of yielding to the complaints about the generation with the greatest spending power, instead of labeling usĀ entitled overgrown children, instead of complaining about ourĀ obsession with technology, let’s teach each other something. Let’s teach ourselves how to thrive in today’s “everyone gets a trophy society”, let’s learn how to do our own taxes–or at the very least understand the basic concepts of personal finance.

We believe in us.